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We have developed evidence-based guides for those working with laboratory-housed dogs. These include written protocols, photographic and video guides, and encompass welfare assessment, the design of dog units, husbandry and training. Please explore the links below to access these resources. If you make use of them, please fill in our feedback survey to let us know about your experiences.

If you work with laboratory-housed dogs and have suggestions for additional resources, please let us know!

Email us to request copies of our guides and flyers.


Welfare Assessment

dog unit



Learn about welfare assessment The impact of dog unit and home pen design on welfare The importance of husbandry Learn about training methods and their impact
Welfare Monitoring Tools Play and exercise areas Handling Training for restraint, dosing and bleeding
Photographic guides to behaviour Environmental enrichment Staff interaction Procedure specific guides
Video guides to behaviour Routine and predictability Home pen desensitisation Troubleshooting tips!



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